Hexbeam Antenna – my way;)

Been thinking of a great directional antenna with rather small footprint for my summer QTH. Made very thorough research and narrowed my search to heaxbeam.
So here is the plan which consists of two lines: 1. Cheap build a 20m monoband hexbeam for field trips and activations. 2. Go for a commercially available antenna from Waldi SP7IDX for permanent installation. Plug-n-Play. No troubles. Just chill on the bands.

While line 2 is quite straight forward and only takes time for funding, placing the order and wait for delivery, line 1 is a proper adventure into hardware stores, ropes, hooks, carabiners and all that on top of pvc pipes and fittings for the antenna body.

Who is ES1RAM and why is he here?

Greetings, dear guests and fellow ham radio enthusiasts.

To be very short: This is ES1RAM. My name is Ramil and i am from Tallinn, Estonia. And why am i here? Just decided to keep a log of my radio activities, antennae experiments, field trips, activations. Stay tuned, folks!